Eric Hutchinson has over 15 years of experience as a recording artist in the studio. He has worked with some of the industry's best producers and sound engineers, including Mike Elizondo, Martin Terefe, Manny Marroquin, Neal Pogue, Tom Coyne, Gavin Lurssen & Jerrod Bettis. Now, Eric is branching out as a producer in his own right, producing his latest album, Easy Street, as well as songs for Anya Marina, Skout, Haddon Cord and many others.


"Aside from being a longtime friend and tour-mate, Eric Hutchinson has been a treasured collaborator, cowriter and producer on my latest album Paper Plane. He effortlessly helped me write bridges and verses where I had none and found through-lines in songs that needed a story and direction. He has a real knack for making a pop song pop and for honoring and highlighting those special qualities of songs that don’t quite fit under any mainstream rubric. Working with Eric was such fun I forgot I was working, and to walk away from the experience with a handful of what will be some of my life’s best work was the ultimate bonus. I can’t wait to work with him again."

                                                                 --ANYA MARINA, Recording Artist


"Eric’s proven track record as an inventive songwriter and dynamic performer made him a clear choice as the producer on our second EP. His work ethic and dedication served as the backbone of our project, and we were impressed with his ability to push us to our creative limits while maintaining the integrity of our vision. Eric proved himself to be an imaginative and resourceful arranger. He brought a fresh energy to the EP and made the entire production process both seamless and enjoyable. We are beyond grateful to have had him at the helm of our record."

                                                     --Laura Valk aka SKOUT, Recording Artist



"Whoever you are, I hope for your sake that you get the chance to work with Eric Hutchinson. Years leading his own band has given Eric a keen insight into creating musical parts that, unto themselves, provide interest, yet never fail to be of service to the overall production. But where Eric really shines is vocals. Eric is one of the great pop vocalists of our time. He knows the human voice. Eric can show a singer he's producing the ways and means to achieve a superior result. Eric is also a pleasure to spend hours and hours with. He creates a relaxed but workmanlike atmosphere in the studio, which he lightens from time to time by his keen sense of humor. Hire Eric Hutchinson. He won't steer you wrong."

                                         --ROGER GREENAWALT, Producer & Engineer