dear me you’ll be older one day

i’m writing from the future and you’re doing ok

dear me hold on to what you’ve got

things are gonna change but change is better than you thought

(you’re gonna get yourself get yourself get yourself together)


dear me i know you’re scared as hell of everything right now

but don’t get lost in where you’re going     

dear me you’re gonna fall in love with the girl that you live next door to

and you have no real way of knowing

don’t know who you are but i know you’re trying

don’t know who you are but you’re multiplying


dear me don’t keep people in your life that treat you like crap

and don’t lose sleep over em either

dear me never give up on the good that rests inside ofyou

and don’t believe the non believers

you’re gonna make mistakes let em fall behind you

gonna make mistakes but they won’t define you



take care of family and the ones you love

put all your energy into human touch                  

staying young is hard to do

so when life’s getting serious just don’t take it so serious



keep growing up but don’t get old

take care of what you can control

respect the hearts that you will break

forgive mistakes that you will make

if i were you i would not care

when some old man says to beware

so you probably won’t listen to a word i say

but we’re doing ok

dear me






good rhythm really don’t care

i can take the elevator you can take the stairs

good rhythm killing my time

a little bit of luxury i really don’t mind

god just me give me a chance

or get off the floor if you're not gonna dance                


thats me the heir apparent

dancing ninjas in paris                     

Talk shit and hurt my larynx   

I still live with my parents

wake up i’m so delighted

play xbox all new white kids

black out and dream white lightning

cuz I really don't care                               

i’m not like those                                                       

other rich kids you might know

that’s the reason i don't get in trouble



baby me give me a chance

or get off the floor if you're not gonna dance                



what can i say

it’s another day

why don’t i work much harder

i’m drunk on what i say


i’m breakin down breakin down

losing my self i’m breakin down



dad just give me a chance

or get off the floor if you're not gonna dance




one open book

one witness stand

a fresh start from a broken heart

and we'll do the best we can



anyone who knows me

knows you don't know me at all

any love thats good comes easily                         

and anyone who knows you

has got his back against the wall                 

but it's alright to cry

ask anyone who knows me                                          

I said it's alright to cry

ask anyone who knows me                                          


he took your smile

i'm something new

sun shines in between the lines

now you're stepping back in view                          





anyone who knows you

will tell you the hardest part

is just keeping you around

but anyone who knows me

will tell you the coldest heart

can eventually melt down


and if you're gonna try

said if you're gonna try

if you're gonna try

try with me




sitting on vacation i can’t tear myself away

i think i could get used to this real fast

the life that I have left back home cannot find me today

and in my mind I'm moving here at last                        


but hows it gonna feel    

when I am living here and everything is real

so familiar that it loses the appeal

when all the paradise wears off                  

and hows it gonna be

when my old life has finally caught up to me

i move fast but i never get free

and its taking over me                      



oh i don't know why

everything wrong goes right                                         . 

when I am lost                                         

when I’m lost                                          

when I'm lost in paradise                           


ohhh i think i just now thought it                        

don't know what i want until i've already got it

grass is greener than the grass I sodded

no matter where i’m coming from i’m broken hearted    

and this can’t be real life

and this can’t be real life

where people live so nice

and everything’s on ice

my problems booked a plane came out to visit me

said "how'd you track me down" they said "you're so easy"





I don’t wanna I don’t wanna

I don't wanna go home





wheels on the road feel so alive                  

king of the west prince of the night

tracing the coast burning the gas                

driving all night till alcatraz                      



get up get up get up get up i’m gonna see where this takes me

get up get up get up get up i’m gonna go with the flow

get up get up get up get up and you can love me or hate me

i don’t need a reason to have somewhere to go  


these little towns all flying fast

space in between me and the past

street lights are on maybe it’s fate

indigo shadows my patron saints





and i am still in love with her

and she was all i ever had

but i am breaking away from East LA

and i wont stop until alcatraz


i said goodbye but I didn’t really mean it





where she's from the land of farmers daughters

the folks all say she's kinda plain

in japan she's one tall glass of water

and she begins to make it rain           

in tokyo nobody knows

she's got a past

she comes on strong goes all night long

she's upper class                     

2-3-4 give em all what they're asking for



nobody wants you         

back home in the midwest     

now everyone loves you                   

american princess

nobody wants you

but then you got famous

now everyone loves you

american princess


she don't care what time it is

she's got no place to be

everybody wants a piece

of U.S. royalty

all the girls are jealous                     

businessmen are on their knees

american princess

conquering the japanese


all her friends are wondering where she’s gone to

they used to treat her kinda mean

not the kinda girl that you’re turned on to

she's never been the butter queen

her mother said she’d wind up dead

in myanmar

now if mom could see what she means to me

she is a star




i don't go out prefer to stare at my phone

afraid of what i might be missing at home

nobody longs for what they don't do i guess

so here i am

i’m just bored to death


biding my time filling the space in between

illuminated by what comes on the screen

i go to sleep to get these dreams off my chest

so here I am

i'm just bored to death.



take me out it'll only get better

take me out got a long way to go

make it count cuz i wanna remember

what it feels like to keep a satisfied soul


see my reflection now in all of the trends                               

in isolation with the words of my friends                               

long nights alone means there's no one to impress

so here i am

i'm just bored to death




i don't go out, prefer stare at my phone

afraid of what I might be missing at home

it's not my fault the world cant hold my interest

so here i am

i'm just bored to death

is it all worth the anxious nights and the stress

so look at me

i’m still bored to death

look at me





i did my homework i made my bed                     

i bought the fairytales did just what they said       

coming up green staying on track

turns out nobody’s got a clue and thats a fact so



i’m getting tired of the same old thing

because the same old thing is just old


i’ve met my heroes was made a fool

standing on the corner trying not to break the rules

where do you get off acting so cold

old school's just a nicer way of saying you got old



i’m a stranger i’m a stranger

that nobody sees

i’m a stranger in disguise i’m an angel in disguise

i’m a stranger in disguise

only when i wanna be



Written by Eric Hutchinson    

©2016 CalStar Oil Music Publishing