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Before & After life


I’m excited to share with you a new collection of music I’m calling "Before & After Life.”

2018 was an eventful year for me and my wife, Jill. Jill's mom, Betsy, sadly passed away in February 2018 after fighting cancer for as long as she could. 3 days later Jill and I learned we were having a baby girl in August. I wrote these songs in a reflective time of my life - in the valley between death and life - and I recorded the whole album just days before Zelda was born in August 2018, with a hand-selected group of excellent jazz musicians in New York City.

The first half of the album - "Before Life" - are all songs inspired by Jill and our unborn daughter, Zelda. The second half of the record - "After Life" - are all songs about Betsy and musings on death and the afterlife. These songs are especially poignant to me now after my dad, Royal, died this past March 2019. I got to play these songs for my dad in his final days, and he told me they sounded “very adult.” I suppose every album of mine is the sound of me growing up, but this collection of songs is definitely my most mature so far, as I examine losing parents and becoming one.

I love these songs and they represent a very important time in my life. I’ve decided that this isn’t the right time to share this album publicly, but I’m happy to have you listen to this music and share it with anyone you think will enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!



The Band
(from left to right)

Wayne Tucker - Trumpet
Patrick Bartley - Saxophones
Barry Stephenson - Upright Bass
Eric Hutchinson - Vocals and Guitar
Hila Kulik - Piano
Charles Goold - Drums


Studio Engineer - Fran Cathcart

Assistant Engineers - Cody Berberich & Horacio Pena Cros

Mixing Engineer - Jack Deboe

Mastering Engineer - Bob Power

Photography - Shervin Lainez

Album Cover Design - Donny Phillips

Special Thanks - Niels Schroeter

All Songs Written and Produced by Eric Hutchinson
©2019 Mango Tonic With A Kiwi Twist Music Publishing (ASCAP)

For Betsy, Jill & Zelda